Mental Health Stigmas


A stigma is defined as “a sign of disgrace or discredit, which sets a person apart from others.”

This blog will be focused on the negative stigmas specifically associated with mental health in the hopes of educating the public on the mental diseases themselves. North Carolina is specifically involved in reducing these stigmas through outreach programs and campaigns dedicated toward raising awareness.

Mental Health falls under the social sciences discipline of psychology, and includes a range of disorders from bi-polar to OCD. This blog is directed towards removing marks of disgrace associated with these illnesses through education. The significance of this blog will hopefully make strides in reducing any stigmas that the readers currently hold, in the hopes of spreading this awareness to the general public.

Imagine you see someone washing their hands compulsively 10 times both before and after using the bathroom, and then again just to make sure they did it the first time.
Imagine a girl in your class gets so nervous just before a little quiz that she starts to get heart palpitations and cannot finish.

Many people are unaware of the root of the behavior that these mental disorders cause, and because of this instant judgement, it causes immediate discrimination which further enhances these negative stigmas. These stigmas are creating barriers and are impacting the lives of people living with these disorders for the worse. This blog has the sole purpose to educate people before these judgments can be made and encourage the spread of this information to reduce these prejudicial marks of discrimination.

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