Mental Health is not a Joke


This comic was produced for the sole intention of making someone laugh, however when it comes to the topic of mental health, is not something to joke around about.

Comics like this one are some of the reasons why there are such bad stereotypes and stigmas towards mental disorders. This comic is implying that all people with bi-polar disorder are excited and happy one minute, and then just want to be lazy and lay in bed all day the next. The media portrays bi-polar disorder to be a split second change in emotion from high to low, where in fact many people with bi-polar disorder often spend weeks in either a manic or depressed state, and then slowly make the transition to the other, showing the two extremes over a long period of time.

With misinformation given in comics like these, stigmas develop, and common sayings become popular.

“Why are you being bi-polar?”

This is a saying that has become popular to joke around with friends when maybe they are being fun one minute and then boring the next, or if they decide on doing something and then change their mind quickly. Sayings like this are very harmful and encourage ignorance on the topic of mental health.


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