The Role of Families in Education

If a child is given love, he becomes loving … If he’s helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he has been truly valued at home … he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others.

-Dr. Joyce Brothers

The place that a family has within the education of a child is a subject that I take very personally. Throughout my life I have watched my friends from families that experienced divorce and friends who had no parents struggle within the academic realm. Now let me be clear that I am not saying that this was entirely because of their family status. However, it was very clear to me that I, coming from a home with both parents who also cared very much about my academic achievement, had some advantages I was able to seek them out as a source of moral support as well as a form of structure in my life.They pushed me to complete my homework, encouraged me to pursue what I was good at, even helped me to figure out what those things even were.

Throughout the course of this blog series my goal is to investigate research regarding the impact of parent involvement upon education so that we may see a quantifiable connection between the two. The topics that I hope to cover are the criteria that constitute parental involvement, what factors of parenting affect the child most significantly, and how this information can be used in context of other issues such as the gap in achievement between some racial groups as well as the discussion of gender and education, which has been a hotly debated topic especially within North Carolina. This information could be crucial in taking steps towards reform in the pursuit of a well educated state, and country as a whole.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

-Frederick Douglass


2 thoughts on “The Role of Families in Education

  1. This post grabbed my attention because I am also discussing education in my blog, and have recently narrowed my focus to student disengagement in the classroom setting, and how it can be resolved. The innovative techniques used in today’s society are strongly driven by cultural interests, such as popular movies and stories. I realized that after reading your post, parental involvement could also contribute to my issue. As a young adult who grew up with two caring parents, I can definitely relate to the strong support system you described in your academic life. At the same time, I had friends that grew up with family issues that severely effected their education. Our topics seem to affect one another, and I am interested to see what conclusions you come to throughout your research.


    1. Carolearnia, upon reading your response to Vitruvius and hearing about your blog topic, I think you should definitely consider talking about family influence on student disengagement in the classroom. I am very passionate about learning how to decrease student achievement gaps and last semester I was in an education policy class where we discussed how crucial the role parents have in affecting the educational upbringing of their children. Something you might be interested in researching which relates to your topic is, the metal development stage called the “critical period.” During this time so much of how a child will at and learn is developed. Parent engagement with their children during this time is so important and set the foundation for how they will behave as students throughout their education upbringing.


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