The Wealthiest Cabinet Ever?

“I want people that made a fortune!” Donald Trump exclaimed in Des Moines, Iowa in early December in response to criticism of his cabinet choices.

His current cabinet is full of millionaires and billionaires who have created/inherited their wealth in a variety of ways. One such millionaire, Rex Tillerson, was the chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil and is worth 325 million. The least wealthy individuals of the group earn $800,000 per year which is still a few hundred thousand dollars more than the bottom range of America’s top 1%.

Trump’s cabinet is the richest in the history of our country, and his choices do not accurately depict the varying financial statuses of Americans. These choices reveal a correlation between political power and wealth and reflect our president’s high value of financial success. Trump’s recognition of individuals who benefit greatly from inequality causes us to wonder if he will also recognize the majority of the country who suffers because of it.


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