Unraveling Concepts of Stigma



So what really even is stigma?

In general, stigma is related to the way in which people develop attitudes towards one another. Specifically what differentiates stigma from just a regular opinion is how stigma stems from a distaste in certain undesirable attributes. These attributes commonly are incongruous with perceived notions of stereotypes and ideas surrounding how certain people should be or act.

Throughout our lives, whether done so intentionally or unintentionally, we all develop different stigmas to some degree. We are all human and can agree that at times we fall guilty of making brash assumptions and wrongful opinions about people or things that are different from what we are used to. Subconscious judgements occur within all of us…which is why we must admit to implicit bias and create an open dialogue around what has caused these judgments.

Common social stigmas revolve around mental disorders, physical disabilities,  sexual orientation, gender identity, sexulaity, beliefs, education, parenthood, nationality, power, wealth, values, occupation, class, religion, intellect, sexual assault and criminality.  




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