Power to the Picture

Pictures and captivating visuals serve as some of the easiest, most effective, means of communication. Looking at an image that catches your eye, can be an incredibly impactful way to spread a message, opposed to reading a dense or extensive report.

Understanding this phenomenon, the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign utilized captivating visuals to spread awareness regarding misconceptions surrounding the epidemic. This campaign began almost 30 years ago, and was particularly active during the height of the the nationwide AIDS Scare.

I am sharing with you some of the most captivating images which embody the initial roots of stigma and discrimination. Upon looking at these images, think about the struggle many individuals living with HIV/AIDS, were forced to combat in a society in the early stages of the epidemic.  



COLOUR - plse save tues








Looking at these images makes you realize how stigmatized the HIV epidemic was at its beginning, however, it also should make you consider challenges those living with HIV/AIDS still fall victim to.

While knowledge around HIV/AIDS transmission has dramatically improved since the AIDS Scare of the 1990’s, the majority of society members remain misinformed and lack the complete picture when it comes to the reality behind transmission. 

Take a moment to reflect upon your own personal misconceptions and think about the implications of even your own misunderstandings. 

(For more images and additional explanation on different HIV/AIDS posters visit:

https://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/visualculture/hivaidstransmission.html )




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