Nonpartisan and Hilarious: Sarah Palin

For those who aren’t familiar with the hilarity of Sarah Palin, she’s the former GOP Governor of Alaska who ran as Vice President on the McCain ticket in 2008. The majority of new coverage surrounding her, however, has centered on her hilarious and embarrassing antics, including but not limited to:

  1. Saying that she doesn’t watch the news because it makes her sad.
  2. Having her own reality show
  3. American teachers’ rewards are in Heaven, not on Earth
  4. Couldn’t name a single news publication she’s ever read.
  5. The people of the US don’t elect the President, God does


My favorite moment from Palin, that lights my heart up with the bullets of laughter and American freedom, is by far her endorsement of Trump. Whether you’re a Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, or Socialist, this is a hilarious word-tumbling disaster. Just like environmentalism, funny videos are something that should bring together the country in a way undivided by political or moral disagreement. Enjoy.

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