Stigmas around Suicide


 There are many stigmas that surround the idea and act of suicide. Just some of the ones are mentioned in the poster above.


Stigmas are created in the absence of knowledge. People make these instant judgments and use these harsh, powerful words with no understanding of what was going on. Suicidal thoughts are a subset of many mental disorders.

 More than 90% of people who commit suicide have a diagnosed mental disorder.

These mental disorders range from depression, to bipolar to schizophrenia. These disorders have a multitude of symptoms including hopelessness, manic states, depressive states, delusions, etc. that all play a part in increasing a person’s risk for committing suicide. These people are suffering so much mentally that in their lowest points that are caused by these mental illnesses make them wish that the pain would go away and that could only be done through suicide. Or if they are in a manic state or having a delusion, they may believe that they are jumping off a diving board into a pool for example when in fact they are really jumping off of a building. These people are not weak or selfish or cowardly, but in fact have lost control and these attempts are acts of desperation.

If you or a family member know someone who is struggling wither with a mental disorder or in general are having thoughts about suicide, there are many hotlines and people to talk to, so there is never someone who should feel alone. It is important to recognize the signs of these acts and get help for this person or yourself as soon as possible.

Suicide Hotline:

Warning Signs:

UNC Counseling Services:




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