Unlikely Friends

It has been a long week, a long semester, and we call can pretty much agree that lying in our bed and curling up in a ball sounds like a pretty darn good option. But!.. Spring break is only a few days before us, so we CAN and WILL push through and make it.

Here is a super cute video of some unexpected friends to remind us to keep smiling despite the stress of our final exams and midterms. May these unlikely friendships brighten your mood and make you feel warm and cuddly.

Ok.. ok.. I know that may be way too much pressure to put on one video, but I do encourage you to take one moment to admire some animal cuteness.


If the most obscure of animals can figure out how to create the bounds of friendship, maybe we all can?

Let these little furry friends be an inspiration, for us to open ourselves up to unlikely friendships and connections. In the end if a Lion and a gazelle can be friends, where should the line stop? 


2 thoughts on “Unlikely Friends

  1. Seeing these unlikely companions in the wild was so heartwarming and inspiring! It definitely lifted my spirits despite being in the middle of a crazy week. I think this video sends a strong message to viewers that the most unexpected people may be just who you need at that moment, or for many moments to come. It’s important to stay open-minded when you find yourself in a new situation. I wish that everyone could see the connections between these animals and use it to reach out to others, if only people were so bold to try.


    1. Yes carolearnia, that was exactly the response I was hoping to have from posting this post! In this day in age, it seems to be so challenging for individuals who do not understand each other to come together and find some sort of common ground. Our society is constantly so polarized, politically and socially, it seems as though no one can find a way to sympathize for those different from themselves. The way you phrased, “if only people were so bold to try” really epitomized the whole message I was trying to make about my topic. It truly does take a strong form of bravery to step away from how others are acting and refuse to assimilate.


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