Viral video from 2012 still relevant

This video went viral in 2012 and highlights the enormous difference between the average American’s perception of wealth inequality and the actual state of wealth inequality in our country.

“The ideal is as far removed from our perception of reality as the actual distribution is from what we think exists in this country”.

Upon first viewing this video a few years ago, I was astounded at how small a percentage of the United States’ income the bottom 40% had.

“The top 1% has more of the country’s wealth than nine out of ten Americans believe that the top 20% should have”.

The video provides great visuals that show the distribution of income and show that the 1% make 380x more than the average worker. Though I support capitalism and believe that the structure of our society and economic system should allow for social and economic mobility, it is difficult to rationalize a wealth distribution this extreme.


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