Framework of the Home

One of the problems in analyzing the effects of parental involvement on children are that there are many influential factors. Relationships between people are complex, with factors such as personality, intelligence and experience all working together to mold the mind and actions of each individual cyberchicken1within that relationship. This is best reflected when comparing differing parenting styles. All parents have a different parenting style, no one quite like the other and as such categorization of those styles can be imprecise. We see general trends such as an authoritarian style in which the will of the parent is the law with little room for question but there is room for variation within each group. Knowing that, we do see some correlation between these groups and the personality and performance of the child. Children who are ignored often show disdain for rules, children with non punitive parents think less about the effects of their actions upon others. This is why it is not only important to consider the involvement of the parents but the way in which they are involved as each style has specific strengths and weaknesses which parents should seek to educate themselves about.


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