Polarization of Mental Health Stigmas: How Can We Stop This?

Kirk J. Schneider stated that “The peril is not mental illness, but the polarized mind.”

The issue arises with mental illness in the fact of stigmas being created in the first place. There is debate on many issues concerning mental health, including in the workplace, in school, and many more, that are all seeded in prejudice against people who have a brain that is medically viewed as abnormal. The issue comes into play when people realize that since their brains are not normal, in comparison only to themselves oftentimes, they then view the persons actions as not being “ordinary” as well. Discrimination comes into play, and polarization of ideas directed towards the lives that these individuals are living are debated. While yes, there are many mental health illnesses that cause serious debilitating symptoms to arise, there are also others that are present in individuals that appear to be living a “normal” life. These individuals however are terrified to declare that they are struggling with a mental illness because they will then claim the negative stigma that surrounds the idea of mental illness in general.

These individuals do not seek the help that they need so desperately, and rather they struggle with this illness in their head behind the desk that they are so frightened to lose. More awareness needs to be spread to educate the public that mental health difficulties fall on a gray scale, and that there are indeed so many people that are fully capable in every aspect. This education will work to alleviate ignorance on the topic and further help to reduce stigmas in the workplace, in schools, etc. to promote compassion and assistance where it is so greatly needed.


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