Equality Begins with Washington and Wall Street

In my last post I mentioned a few suggestions that I believe could be a step towards solving the constantly transforming issue of inequality in America. In order for these changes to be made the government has to react through policy changes and needs to represent all of America, not just the richest individuals.

To solve income inequality we should begin by raising the minimum wage and increasing the taxes of the wealthiest Americans. In addition to this, a cultural shift towards reciprocity must also occur to increase social capital. Politicians and the richest individuals need to spearhead change because they are the people with the most political and economic power. To understand how this situation might play out, we have to understand the wealth disparity and the extent to which it affects the daily lives of millions of individuals.

If the government does not take action to close the widening wage gap, health in the middle and lower socioeconomic classes will continue to decline and political instability and rates of crime and violence will increase. Poverty causes people to be unhealthy, more stressed, and to live shorter lives. Our country needs to come together to create a more equal and cohesive society.


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