Jump into the mind of a person living with ODC for 3 minutes

As a part of this blog, I really wanted to use my shorter posts for the intention of educating the public on different mental illnesses. Through education and awareness on these mental illnesses, the goal is that there will be an overall effort to reduce stigmas in the general public!

This video allows you to be in the mind of a person living with OCD and anxiety for three minutes. This video aims to present the gray scale of mental illness in a sense that not all mental disabilities look alike, and they should not be grouped together and stigmatized as such. It allows you to hear a man’s split second thoughts that run through his head for just a mere 3 minutes and it truly encapsulates the frustrating trifles that he endures on a daily basis. Even though he has to cope with these recurring, anxiety driven thoughts every day, he has found a way to thrive in this world, and he is not letting this illness hinder him from living his life to the fullest potential.

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