More on inequality, poverty, and health

Looking for more great writing on the effects of inequality on health?

Check out Moin Moin’s blog on environmental racism. Her post talk about how communities of color are negatively affected by environmental policy. It is unjust to target low-income minorities, and environmental racism leads to poorer health for the individuals affected.

Another blog I recommend, found on the English 105: Social Sciences Blog, focuses on poverty in America and North Carolina. These articles use statistics to explain the state of poverty in North Carolina and how it compares to that of other states. In this analysis post, the writer talks about how modernization has impacted poverty levels. The post also describes two different tax policy perspectives and explains that the best choice is probably somewhere between the two.

“One in seven people today still do not have access to sufficient food, and an equal number are over-fed.”

This quote is used in another great blog that explores topics like food supply and eating locally. I recommend this blog because Locavore Movement does a great job of recognizing pros and cons of the local food movement. She also ties in other factors involved in the food industry such as the dominance of big businesses in agriculture and the consequences of eating an abundance of corn and processed foods.


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