The Home Literacy Environment

“It has been well established that a child’s early literacy can impact his or her academic success and literacy developmenta0abb1dfc336b4492995563602cc0406.jpg. ” Literacy is a social practice, one passed down by those who have a better understanding of it, and enhanced through the exchanging of knowledge and ideas during social interactions.  The source, then, for a young child’s literacy development must first be the home. Children spend most of their early life at home and/or around their family, most importantly their parents. If they do not receive support in literacy development from a young age they will almost certainly fall behind their peers before they even step foot in a school.  This may be remedied to some extent within the classroom but ideally rather than catching students up, we can place more focus on keeping them from falling behind in the first place.


One thought on “The Home Literacy Environment

  1. I think that this is a very important point, and it shows just how much of an impact parents have on their children’s lives! It is so important to start reading to children at a very early age, and making them engage and start building these skills.


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