Suggestions for My Tech-Lovers

For those out there who love technology and the complex moral and ethical concerns that come with the lifestyle we live in the 21st century, I have some awesome blog suggestions for y’all!

As a computer science major, I love the inner workings of programs behind apps, networks, and how we’re all connected through the Internet. As a history and social justice fanatic, I’m interested in the responsibilities we have to one another and to ourselves in being as connected as we are today.


One blog I enjoy that discusses the ethical implications of online communities, such as 4Chan, comes from a fellow Comp Sci major hackerknownas4chan (which I can only hope is a hilarious play on The Artist Formerly Known as Prince). Here he discusses topics ranging from hate speech online to trolling. Check him out!


Another blog I greatly enjoy explores the social implications of queer representation in modern media. With the internet and mass media like we have it in 2017, exposure of  audiences to LGBTQ+ content has greatly improved the way that we as a society are able to process and empathize with queer experiences. Without the technical advances we have today, I doubt we’d be able to achieve such queer positivity. Here, sheerqueer discusses media representation as a function of social acceptance and it’s awesome!

I hope you enjoy their work as much as I have!


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