A Vaccine for the Future

For my final short post of this blog series, I would like to take a moment to highlight an exceptional published article which discusses advances in finding a cure for HIV. Published in yesterday’s Medical New Today, this newsletter elaborates on how scientist have made incredible progress one the vaccination front.

If you are interested at all in the science behind a medical cure for HIV, take a moment to read this article. It goes into depth on how a new method called “fingerprinting” has the ability to improve the development of effective vaccines.


My intention of leaving you with this final piece of information is to bring awareness to this revolutionary progress which is occurring on the medical side of the challenge. Healthcare workers are making great stride, however, medical process alone is not enough to bring an end to the pandemic.

In order for healthcare opportunities to reach all community members, it will take a societal wide effort to improve access and exposure to care to those who currently live without it. Scientist are doing their part and now it is our turn to take the lead in bringing an end to the epidemic by removing social barriers which worsen the lives of those infected and discourage them to reach out for help and care.


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