Sisi Says See Ya Later!

This has been a wonderful journey writing all of these posts throughout this month and a half. I began with the idea of using this blog to simply inform the public about the presence of stigmas on mental health in society and educate them about different illnesses, however this blog has transformed into so much more. I have truly learned so much from the research I have done on this topic, and from the comments that people made on my posts expressing their opinions on these topics.

Before I began this blog, I had no idea that the the presence of a stigma in society could be so polarizing, and that its influence could be up for debate. There were some areas in this topic that I thought were simply one dimensional, however I have learned that there are so many sides to be discussed, and how there are levels of debate that reach so much deeper than I initially even considered. This blog has encouraged me to become a more critical thinker, to question things and discuss topics to their fullest extent. It has made me realize that I can always learn more on a subject, and always on a much deeper level.

I hope that all of you have learned so much through reading my blog, just as much as I have learned through writing it. I hope that through these posts, you have gained a deeper understanding of what a stigma is and how it affects everyone in society, and that you will use this knowledge to go out and educate the public and join the #IAMSTIGMAFREE movement! Thank you so much for continuously reading my blog and enhancing it through adding your welcomed opinions and insights by commenting such profound and well thought out responses!

Keep educating yourself and the public to reduce these stigmas, and as always, stay frosty my friends.


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