What if This Discrimination Does Not End: A Look Into the Implications

Stigmas are very present in today’s society, and it is imperative to start realizing this. Whether they are intentional discrimination acts against these individuals based off of perceived, misinformed debilitation, or whether they are just present through silly jokes or comments that might be thrown around at school, these prejudices are very present and active in society and this is something that is causing many issues to arise. It is important to note these implications of stigmas if they were to remain unresolved.

One of the main issues that mental health stigmas present is the detriment to those individuals who have the mental disabilities themselves. Not only are the disorders that they have joked about in society through comments such as “stop being bi-polar” or “you are being so OCD right now”, but these comments create prejudice and misinformation in society. These create negative attitudes and further discrimination against these individuals who have no say in why their brain is acting this way. If these stigmas are not resolved, these people with mental disorders will only further be discriminated against and this will bring many more issues along with it. Psychology Today talks about how these stigmas increase social distance between people with mental disabilities and those that don’t. If these stigmas continue, it will also become increasingly harder for people with a mental illness to get a job or even to maintain a job due to their fear of prejudice in the workplace. It is also an increasing issue in schools for individuals to get the help that they need in the classroom without the fear or social discrimination.


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