A Self Reflection and a Bittersweet Goodbye

Hi readers, for those of you who have been reading my blog posts, it is with a somber note I say this will be one of my final posts. I entered this project, never having written a blog of any kind before and over the course of the project, I believe I have been able to grow not only as a researcher but also a social sciences writer. Writing has never been one of my strong suits, yet this blog series captured my imagination and sparked my interest on the writing possibilities regarding the intersection between social sciences and health careers.

Across the expansion of this blog project I set the goal for myself to learn more about the topic of stigma and discrimination around HIV/AIDS. This initial interest originated from a class I am currently in which goes in depth discussing HIV. So I use this project as an opportunity to preform my own research and learn through self-lead investigation.

With the project coming to a close, I believe that I now have a much deeper understanding of the social implications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic than I did when I started, and I hope that you as a reader feel the same as well. I tried to keep my writing as engaging and inclusive as a possible while still keeping true to my goal of spreading awareness about my topic.

Looking back over my post I feel as though I have been able to achieve my goal in spreading awareness around the negative social implications the disease HIV can have on all community members. I structured my blog to begin with a fairly broad prospective, but then work to hone in on the more specific challenges diseased individuals face in the workplace and beyond.

While I worked hard to address all the sided of the topic, I am well aware that I only touched the tip of the iceberg on the issue. I wish I could have had the means to go more in depth on how sutural societal challenges play extensive roles in fortifying and continuing the cycle of stigma, discrimination and community’s failure partake in preventative measures.

I hope that you enjoyed learning with me and that you have taken away some sense of new knowledge regarding HIV. This project made me grow and explore new avenues of communication I would not have normally ventured down myself. So I encouraged you as a reader to recognize how impactful and educational stepping out of your comfort zone can be.

Don’t forget people and ideas are never single sided and there are always implications resulting from how we act and perceive those who are different from us.


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